Four Marketing Campaigns You Can Create by Integrating Payment Processing and Marketing Software

27 April 2016
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Integrated payment systems connect your payment processing software with your accounting software, but they can also integrate other systems such as your client relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERP), and even your automated marketing software. Wondering how integrating your payment processing system with your automated marketing software may improve your marketing efforts? Take a look at some of the potential benefits and uses of integrating these two systems: 1. Unique marketing targeted to individual customers Read More 

Pregnant And Not Enough Bedrooms? Tips To Add One To Your Home

3 February 2016
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If you are pregnant and you do not have enough bedrooms, you can make an addition on your home for your baby's room.  This is much less expensive than moving to a new home. Before you start building, however, follow the tips below to ensure the new addition is done properly. Building Codes Before you start anything, you have to make sure you contact your local municipality to determine the building codes, and to obtain a building permit. Read More