Four Marketing Campaigns You Can Create by Integrating Payment Processing and Marketing Software

27 April 2016
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Integrated payment systems connect your payment processing software with your accounting software, but they can also integrate other systems such as your client relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERP), and even your automated marketing software. Wondering how integrating your payment processing system with your automated marketing software may improve your marketing efforts?

Take a look at some of the potential benefits and uses of integrating these two systems:

1. Unique marketing targeted to individual customers

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, a loyalty program is a great way to track shoppers' purchases. They are motivated to use their loyalty card to reap loyalty benefits or points, and, as a result, you can track all of their purchases. Alternatively, if you have a website, you may ask clients to create an account to speed up their checkout process, and that approach also collects data about consumer purchases and shopping trends.

Regardless of how you track individual consumers, when your payment payment processing system is linked to your marketing software, you can set it up to automatically generate coupons or special offers that have been uniquely selected for each of your clients.

For example, you could set up the system so that when a client buys two of a certain product, they automatically get a coupon for a similar product. Alternatively, if you are trying to increase excitement about a new product, you could set up your system so that it automatically sends an email about that product to customers who buy related products.

2. Direct-mail campaigns based on zip code tracking

In lieu of or in addition to tracking information from individual clients, merchants may also opt to track the zip codes of their clients. Online merchants have instant access to this bit of info through shipping addresses while brick-and-mortar shops simply have to ask each client and enter the number in their point of sale (POS) software.

Using this information, you can create direct-mail campaigns and tailor your advertisements for each area based on what the people from that zip code tend to buy.

3. Social media campaigns defined by your shoppers' demographics

Using loyalty programs or optional questions at checkout, your POS software can track the demographics of your customers. Then, you can use those demographics to define your social media campaigns. For example, if you know that a certain product tends to be purchased by women in the 25- to 30-year-old age group, you could set up your social media campaign so that only people in that group are targeted to purchase the product.

When your sales software is fully integrated with your automated marketing software, you may even be able to set up the system to make automatic tweaks to your social media campaigns as needed. For example, if the profile of the average shopper buying a certain product gets older, you could have your system automatically update your social media campaigns accordingly.

4. Blog ideas generated by sales data

When you know what your clients are buying, you have some idea of the questions, interests, or concerns they have. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to generating content for your marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, there are not automated marketing systems that can write blogs for you, but you can use your sales data to generate ideas for blogs or social media posts, and then you can use your automated marketing software to execute your campaigns.  

For example, imagine you run a hardware store and you set up your payment processing system to notify you if it senses any spikes in the inventory you sell. You receive a notification that sales of chainsaws have increased by 50 percent. As a result, you decide to Tweet a cute chainsaw cartoon in hopes that your clients will see it as fun and topical and retweet it. Alternatively, you decide to write a blog on chainsaw safety because you know the issue is relevant to your clients. Then, you let your automated marketing system upload the Tweet or blog on your behalf.

For more details on the benefits of integrating your sales processing software with your marketing efforts, contact a specialist in automated marketing systems, like one from Mt. Merchant.